Providing Secure & Confidential Shredding Services to New York,New Jersey and Connecticut Individuals and Organizations since 1977.



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New York Office:

One Corporate Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788

In NY, NJ & CT call Toll Free:

1-(888) SHRED-96



New York City shredding phone number:

1-(646) 386-7300

Long Island shredding phone number:

1-(631) 231-1319

You may also contact us by email at

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Information Shredding & Destruction Services are available at your location or at our shredding center. Data Shredding Service, Inc. offer two kinds of shredding services.

  1. Mobile Shredding (On-site shredding) and;
  2. Off-Site Shredding (Plant based shredding)

 Shredding bin's contents about to be shredded in mobile paper shredding truck.

 Mobile shredding (on-site shredding) involves a specialized vehicle traveling to your location and then shredding the material, curbside, in your view. Please visit our mobile shredding page for more information about this service.

 Automated paper shredding machine. Paper is feed through the shredder's "teeth" and then carried away to baling machine. The entire process is automated so your confidential information remains secure while it is destroyed.

Off-site shredding (plant based shredding) involves traveling to your location, loading the items to be shredded onto our collection trucks, transporting the items to our shredding center and then shredding the items in our plant-based shredding machine. Please visit our off-site shredding page for more information about this service.