Will you do a one time shred only?

Absolutely. You only call us when you need the service. So when you finally clear out that basement or office and need to properly dispose of those confidential documents give us a call and those documents will be shredded and destroyed in no time.

Do you provide shredding services to private residences?

Yes! We provide shredding service to individuals and organizations of all sizes. We have been providing both residential paper shredding service and commercial paper shredding service since 1977. Give us a call today!

Do you have a location where I can bring my documents to be shredded?

We have a shredding center to bring your confidential documents to be shredded.

New York Location:

One Corporate Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788

Phone (888) 747-3396

It's highly recommended that you call ahead to let us know that you are coming to minimize any potential waiting.

Can I watch my documents be shredded?

Yes. With our mobile shredding service you can watch the documents be shredded at your curbside location. There are videos cameras and a video monitor on the truck that show the documents being shredded inside the vehicle.

With our off-site or plant-based shredding service you would have to visit our shredding center where you can see the documents be shredded in our industrial sized shredders.

Do I have to remove staples or rubber bands before the documents are shredded?

No. Our document shredding machinery is industrial grade. Therefore there is no reason to sort or separate out staples, paper clips, rubber bands etc. Just call us and it will be shredded.

When you do on-site (mobile shredding) do you take the boxes?

With on-site shredding (mobile shredding) items to be shredded are loaded into our bins which are then automatically loaded into the truck and shredded. We leave the boxes with the customers for reuse. If you prefer that we take the boxes there is a fee to cart the boxes away for disposal.

If I get a shredding bin for my office how often do you come? What if I need shredding service every few months?

We will provide shredding service whenever you request service. You are only charged when you use our confidential shredding service. There are no monthly or recurring fees to use our shredding service. We'll place a shredding bin in your office free of charge. When the shredding bin is full simply call us and we'll show up the next day to shred the contents of the bin.

What happens to the paper after it is shredded?

Data Shredding Service is one of the largest document destruction businesses in the world. Because of our large size and the volume of shredded paper that we produce we are able to directly ship the shredded paper to the paper mill for recycling. The shredded paper is then deinked and turned into pulp which is used to make new paper products.


Why Should I use a shredding company?

  • Employees are more productive when focused on their core responsibilities
  • Safety - even small machines could cause injury if they grab clothing or accessories
  • Reduced capital and employment expenditures
  • Employees are most likely to realize the value of discarded company info
  • Company info such as payroll, legal and employment issues, and correspondence should not be exposed to most employees
  • In-house shredding will not handle large volumes and may prompt employees to circumvent the document destruction process

Data Shredding Service, Inc. is dedicated to increasing the security and ethics of the information destruction industry. Data Shredding Service follows a strict code of conduct. Data Shredding Service, Inc. holds itself to higher standard.