Off-Site Paper Shredding (Plant-based Paper Shredding)

Off-site shredding offers the same level of security and confidentiality as mobile shredding but at a more affordable price. Data Shredding Service, Inc. will travel to your location and pick-up the items to be shredded. Prior to pick-up the items can be stored in your own containers or Data Shredding Service, Inc. can provide containers at no additional charge.

Shredding pit

After the material is picked up it is transported to our shredding centers. Upon arrival at the shredding centers the material is immediately placed into our high-speed, high capacity shredding machines.

Shredding machine

The material is then shredded and the information contained therein is destroyed. If Possible the shredded material is then recycled.

Baled shredded paper

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