Mobile Paper Shredding (On-Site Paper Shredding)

Mobile Shredding at your doorstep. Simply deposit the material to be shredded in your own box or in a bin that Data Shredding Service, Inc. can provide at no additional charge.

Shredding console
64 gal shredding bin

At your convenience or at a regularly scheduled time Data Shredding Service, Inc. will dispatch a mobile shredding vehicle to your location for collection and shredding of your own or your organization's sensitive material.

Shredding truck in action

All material is shredded in the onboard, automated shredding machine. No sorting of paper or removal of paper clips, rubber bands, binders etc. is necessary. Your material is destroyed quickly and confidentially.

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New York Office:

One Corporate Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788

In NY, NJ & CT call Toll Free:

1-(888) SHRED-96


New York City shredding phone number:

1-(646) 386-7300

Long Island shredding phone number:

1-(631) 231-1319